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Haley Way
Seattle/Los Angeles/Vegas

Member since February 23rd, 2013



Yo people my name's Haley. I like peanut butter..actually no, I HATE peanut butter, unless it's reeces! Anyways, I have no life and no friends so it would be cool (with a K) if one of you guys friended me and if you were cool. I'll upload a picture of me ONLY if +2 people ask me to. And by the way, I used to live in Los Angeles but then I was forced to move to Seattle (:/) but I still go to Los Angeles for the Summer and every 3 months during the school year, so if there's ANYONE who lives near me, or in Los Angeles, you should friend me, but anyone can friend me, even if they don't live near those places. I like video games, such as Skyrim, COD, Fallout 3, Minecraft, Area 51, stuff like that and I like watching The Yogscast videos....My favorite shows are Person of Interest, Grimm, Raising Hope, Prison Break, Warehouse 13, and Eureka, but they ended that show. I like My Chemical Romance (which is obvious), Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, and The Beatles and so yup. S.L.A.G people, I gotta go get ready to go to the library to get a biography book -_- for a book report we're suppose to do for 2nd period (Reading/Writing class) that we were suppose to start on the 1st that's due on the 27th that I haven't started on yet. P.S I'm suppose to be in 7th grade but the world that hares me made me movie to Seattle where they said "Hey kid, you're to young to go to first grade, we're making you take kindergarten over again even know your as smart as a first grader about to go into 2nd grade!!!!" because my school district is evil and there fatties that don't want people to get a successful education! BYE! O.K I'm back, I forgot to tell you this too- I play football and tennis and I paint (oil paint) and I play violin, guitar, drums, and piano and my favorite MCR song is there cover of Desolation Row and also, I know how to play This Is How I Disappear and Helena on the piano (I learner them by ear.) And also, I LOVE horror movies and my favorite movies are The Final, ATM, The Ring 1 & 2, Stake Land, and I also like the TV show The Mentalist OK, I'm done- S.L.A.G!


  • joy2013

    This is a voice from a lonely heart,
    I am Miss joy by name,lovely female. I came across your profile while browsing in this sit and i was moved to contact you, am in search of a true friend, some one matured and honest. If you care, send a mail to me(
    and i will send you more of my pictures and also tell you more about me. Thanks, I am waiting for your reply!

    joy2013, March 11th, 2013 at 09:47:21am

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