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Eric Jhonson
New York, USA

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Hi everyone. My name is Eric Jhonson and I live in New York, USA. I am a health expert by profession and right now working for an online healthcare organization which sells various healthcare products like hair care, eye care, skin care, men and women sexual health care etc. Today i am here to share a serious women health care diseases named "Breast Cancer".

Breast cancer is a serious disease in women and in some cases a women can also die with this health illness. This health issue should be taken seriously and one should get immediate treatment. First of all a women should never feel shy about discussing breast cancer. Nowadays, everyone knows it. A women who is suffering from breast cancer is at high risk of her life. Anything can be happen to her anytime. Immediate consultation with doctor is very important in this problem. Here in this article we will let you know about some facts, symptoms, causes and treatments of breast cancer.

Unnatural growth in breast cells in a lump structure inside the breasts is called breast cancer. Sometimes this cancer only affect the breasts but but some cases it affects your whole body. Ignoring this disease definitely leads you to death. A proper treatment is very important in-order to treat breast cancer and one should be very careful about it. A regular checkup of breasts is also necessary after the age of 30.

The symptoms of breast cancer are vary from women to women but the common sign of this disease is unnatural growth in breast cells within breasts. It is important to go to your doctor every week for the proper care of your breasts.

Signs of Breast Cancer: The common signs of breast cancer are listed as below. Have a look.
Pain in nipple.

Irritation of breast skin.
Change in the size and shape of breasts.
Mass under the arms or near by breasts.
Reddish of nipple skin.
In in breasts.

Causes: Causes of breast cancer are mentioned as below. Have a look.

Unhealthy eating habits.
Eating junk and fast food regularly.
drinking alcohol everyday.
No exercise routine.
Smoking regularly.
Age factor.
Consuming too much birth control pills regularly.
These are some of the common facts about breast cancer. Hope this post will help you to avoid breast cancer disease. For best women healthcare visit Dazzlemeds.Com.


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