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United Kingdom

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Hi. I'm trying to sign up to every my Chem site there is out there. I'm currently on the official site, and Meet yah there. Oh and follow my tumblr @charbarmanning for daily mcr content. Now to look around the site! Seems nice enough. I already know some people on here quite well *cough M cough G cough Sarim cough Xia*. Ha you know who you are! (>'-')> <('-'<Wink

Edit: I'm bored so let's edit this because I haven't been on in a while! Hi! I'm Charlotte and I have been a fan of My Chemical Romance since July 2015. It was a couple weeks before my birthday so I'll say the start of July because I remember finding out about them at school XD. I'm an admin on the To The End project. Everyone I have met through MCR has been older than me, even if it's been by a couple months, so if you are younger than me just tell me so I don't feel like the youngest fan on these sites XD.
Bye! :3

Edit 2: Gosh why is this so cringeworthy to read? It hasn't even been a year since I last edited this and it makes me cringe. Well, it's nearly been a year. Anyway, I really do change a lot in less than a year...


  • vacant alleyWAYS

    yay you got your pic up! I still can't decide which one to stick with!:)

    vacant alleyWAYS, February 26th, 2016 at 03:52:56pm

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