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Sami's Songs

Age: 29
Gender: Female
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November 10th, 2008 at 11:56pm
Hey everyone. I am a fairly new songwriter so some tips would be great. I know there is a songwriting topic in musicians but seriously, no one looks there.


*(V1)Could you crawl into my skin?
Because I’d never let you in
The only way I can fix this mess
Is to pretend that it was never meant to be
Could you count my many falls
And still see something through it all
Could you scrape past my surface?
Since my past has resurfaced again

(chorus)I’ve got the world on my shoulders
And I try to take a step closer
All you see is how I fall
You don’t see my burden at all

(V2)Take your hands off your eyes
Imprinted with flowers and paper blue skies
To see the turmoil I have withstood
Try on my shoes for a change
It’d take off my pressure for a while

This song is inspired by the book The Goose Girl.

(V1)The padded walls are closing in
Are they suffocating, invigorating?
Are you itching to move away
From the scope they put you under?
Truth is circulating about your skin
Begging to cling to your hidden strength inside
You can’t breathe until you let it in
You’re going to claim your power this time

(chorus)The road is right in front of you
Just will you feet to take you
Don’t break under her frozen gaze
Don’t let his dagger find you

(V2)She may have won the mindless
With her infamous seduction
But the coolness on your fingertips
Can get the best of them
Soon you will sink into her clothes
And she’ll sink into the floor
Rise up from the ashes and let them see
You face is different then before
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Posts: 83
November 12th, 2008 at 11:41pm