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Some of my poems

Thinking Happy Thoughts
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Posts: 544
June 16th, 2008 at 06:22pm
You held me tight,
without a doubt,
when you first found out.
You took my blades and threw them away,
now i can barely survive the days.

The cut is the relief,
the blood is the comfort,
and then searing pain.
In the end its all the same.

Blacking out and waking up,
you yell sounding mad at me again.
Now you wont accept me for who I am.
You think its all a lie,
You think its all a dream.
But cant you see the reality,
your hate is slowly killing me.

♥Love like you have never been hurt.♥
I could have told you when I had the chance,
I should have told you when I had the chance.
When i first glanced into your eyes,
I knew you were the one for me.
No matter how hard i tried,
I couldnt break free.
This love was to strong,
It was taking over me.

But one fateful day,
When the sun was away,
And the clouds were crying,
You went for a drive.
But the roads were slick, almost ice,
and a simple bump in the road is all it takes.
Its amazing how someones life can be gone in a flash.

As i place this rose upon your grave,
I simply say,
I love you.

♥Only God has the right to judge.♥
Judging me by every step i make,
By every breath I take,
Even if it's one little mistake.
How can it be,
The feeling as if someone is watching me.

Me and now my friends,
all put under the microscope lens.
Being observed like animals in a cage.
I stumble onto the wrong path and your enraged.

Thinking they can control my life,
We are all just puppets,
being pulled by the strings.
Well I'm breaking free,
And cutting the strings.

♥Leave it be♥
You think there is something wrong with me,
But what?
I cant see.
Thinking that the life im living is leading to death.
But your the one that is doing it to me.

Trying to help.
Only making it worse.
You think i am bad,
I think it is sad.
Falselt linking it to my friends, my music, the way i dress.
You not accepting me.
That is what is killing me.
One day you will finaly see.

♥Once Upon A Time♥
End it all now.
End the pain your inflicting on me.
A pull of the trigger is all it takes.

You wouldnt accept me for who i was.
I dressed "normal" just to please you.
Hiding half of my life from you.
Couldn't you see the pain in my eyes.
So full of lies.

Trying so hard to get your approval.
But instead you pointed out my flaws.
It felt like claws ripping at my heart.
I can't even remember when it all began to start.
I begin to pull the trigger and...


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