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The Past, Ohio

Member since October 14th, 2006


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Hewo... About me...lets think, randomly please,

I like making up my own words
I like to say I love you
I told him I hated him
I try to confuse myself
I'll be nice, I promise
I really don't bite, seriously.
I'm always new.
I've been considered goth,
I've been considered emo,
I've been considered a freak,
I hate labels...they really make me itch.
I have contacts...they annoy me.
I lurve cookies
If you give me a cookie, I'll marry you
White nailpolish> Black nailpolish
Flowers> Polka dots (but they're good too...just not awesome enough)
I'm a songwriter and although I'm really shy about them, I'm always open to constructive critisism.
I wouldn't be here without music.
My favorite bands are Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, All Time Low, From First To Last, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday and so many more that it makes me woozy.
If I had to pick a favorite song...I couldn't. I have a new one every day. Or maybe every other, depends on my mood.
Sometimes I confuse people without meaning too.
I'll try.
I'm jealous of you...and everything else.
I care and comfort
I am currently single, but I think I'm hopeless at love. Ohio is not for lovers.
My favorite colors are white, black, blue, red, green, blue, violet, orange....*goes on forever*
I like messaging random people.
I like receiving messages from random people.
I spend alot of my time on INO, trying to gain ranks and looking through peoples profiles. I've probably seen yours atleast once.
I love being random.
I have a quizilla...
I'll try to always be grammatically correct, but I can promise you I won't be.
I like reading and writing and *gasp* school...its the only place I can have a life without being criticised every other second.
I'm obsessed over tea, especially raspberry black tea. Mmmmmm...
I want to be in a band
I can play the cello...orchestra is amazing, its such a pity that people only care for the band. Nothing against them of course, they're spectactular too.
Orchestra teachers? Errr...they could die.
I love him. Yeah, the one with the lipring. Deal.
My favorite food is sushi. Then ice cream. Then hot chocolate with pumpkin spice coffee creamer. Then bagels.
I play soccer. I'm usually defense, but I've been put in as forward alot.
I wrinkle my nose alot. *Wrinkles nose*
I have brown hair...I like spraying it different colors, but I'm not allowed to dye it and I have no friends who have hair dye *sighs*
I'm deprived of reality.
So I spend my days writing in my green notebooks.
They are ALWAYS green. Always.
Love is a strong word, but I really really like you. = )
Halloween is my favorite holiday.
I like seeing peoples views on things...but I usually don't speak up for myself.
The easter bunny scares me really really bad.
I like the Barbie movies *grins evily*
Send me presents, cookies, Ryan Ross, Mikey Way and hugs on January 7th.
I'm usually shy in real life, I'm usually more talkative online.
I'm indecisive, so my username will change alot. It was once TheBadHabit and Like;Silver Things, but now its DealForeverLoving?
But if you be mean to me, I'll still cry. Then write a mean song about you in one of my green notebooks. Then I'll make a GarageBand tune for it, if I still hate you in the morning. But then I'll love you again.
I really like Hello Kitty. Bow down to the kitty.
Second chances are one of my policies. Thirds call for a stake and vampire kisses though, so...
I like trying to make people feel yeah, *gives cookie to people that needs a boost*

A special shout out to some very special people

Vamp- Much lurves, wifey. Skittles, Sharpies, Socks, OH MY! = ) oh, man, don't forget the Smarties. *hugglez* Yay for the super, make me happy, awesomeness, oh chyeah, friend!!!!

Sword- Meh.. dearly departed, you better email me more. What ever happened to the four corners? Of Blood,Fiends,Swords and Queens?* copyrights that* Don't get too hung up over Johny, because I need you too!

These are my babies:
Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley

If you seriously read all of that, then you need an uber huge hug from me. Or a smooch. Message me lurves...I like making friends, especially if they're like you. = )


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