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disenchanted elphi

disenchanted elphi
Bristol, TN

Member since October 4th, 2005


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junebug38_itz --or-- mcr_my.elphi8


i just graduated in May from King College with a double major in Youth Ministry and Bible/Religion. don't think that this means i'm all preachy and whatnot because i'm really not, i promise. i'm very very into the darker things in life and believe me, i'm not your typical Christian kid...but i DO make God a large part of my life. i will NEVER push my beliefs on someone or ostracize them if they don't have the same beliefs as me. people who do that are disgusting and don't understand the true meaning of love and acceptance.

obviously, my favorite band is My Chem but i also LOVE Nirvana (Kurt Cobain is like a hero to me), Relient K, The Used, Saosin, Taking Back Sunday, Flyleaf, 30 Seconds to Mars, Evanescence........i'd name them all, but we'd be here forever.

I also randomly love Hanson and The Spice Girls. I guess it's a hold over from middle!

i'm also randomly in love with NASCAR. yes that's right. that crazy sport where you watch cars go around in circles for hours. i LOVE it! living in Bristol is a dream for me because two times a year, those hot nascar boys come to town and i just LOVE living down at the track and in the campgrounds with all the fans. i also work with a ministry at the track called Raceway Ministries that works in fan services. i'm the only Raceway Chaplin who actually enjoys nascar that's always fun because i can just hang out with the fans and it's awesome.

um..yea. i'm just really laid back, passionate and crazy. i love to party, drink, shop and overall hang out with my friends. i LOVE to watch T-Minus Rock every morning before starting my day off. My all time favorite show is "The OC"...i know, another random thing. i'm really sad that it's canceled after this season, but i have the DVDs and will ALWAYS watch my precious OC.

i love tattoos!!!!! i have 3 right now and will be adding a fourth as soon as i get the money saved back. Right now i have: an 'x' on the inside of each wrist (as an outward expression of Christ's sacrifice on the cross) as well as a snowflake (it's two tone blue and white) on my right ankle. it's a memorial piece for my cousin who killed himself on January 18, 2005. he was one of my best friends and i miss him everyday. snow was really important to him. so getting a snowflake was really really important. i'm really excited about the piece i'm getting done next for my grandfather who had been the most important person ever in my life. i will be getting a wrap-around wrist piece. it will be the lyrics "your memory will carry on" with his initials centered under the 'x' on the inside of my right wrist. i'm really excited about it. my parents won't be so excited but it's something really important to me.


  • Jenny.

    Somehow I get the feeling that you're a Wicked fan :D

    Jenny., April 13th, 2009 at 05:30:56pm

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