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Halloween's Bitch

Halloween's Bitch

Member since February 5th, 2007


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Lee Gaze: Get out there and do it. Get off your ass and go for your dream

You might have noticed my pretty banner up there ^ ^ *points cos the arrows aren't very good*
It has pictures of pretty much every guy I love. Not all are in the music business. But I love all of them. They’re amazing. And lets face it they make the Equator look cold.

~ I’ve re-written this a lot because I usually read it and realise just how horrible I sound sometimes. I’m not very original; though I try to be, but I’m not gonna lie about it. I’m emphatic. I used to be emotional and say that I was but I’ve kinda lost that now, I smile, I laugh and I comment on things but it’s rare I’ll tell you if I feel crappy because, be honest, do you really wanna know?

~ I’m bisexual (who isn’t these days though?)

~ I have a dark secret ¬.¬ *dododo-dododo*

~ Though generally I am a pretty nice person and in person I am sort of a push over. I am a cunt too sometimes. That mighta put you off me...sorry.

~ I’m a pacifist to the extent I won’t go to war. I’m straight edge but debating stopping it because I want to experience life, especially in university, or at least getting a bit wasted. But for the mo I’m good.

~ I don't really understand boundaries and WILL poke, hug and if you’re special, grope you in some way. Yeah, I'm weird like that.
I am obsessive. If I love something or someone I try to find out everything about them, not cos I’m stalker, cos I like to feel close to them or it. OK that is pretty stalkerish. Meh, tis me.

~ I make pretty much everything into a joke. Usually a dirty one.
Its immature. I don’t care, it makes me laugh and I like to make other’s laugh 
I can make most things into sexual innuendo. (No, in-your-endo XD)

~ Though I used to hate ‘chat’ speak I have been drawn into the realms of ‘blates’, ‘obvs’, ‘lol’, ‘pwn’ and smilies. XD. Oh yeah, I ‘XD’ a lot…I even think it now…

~ I love to write. I have so many stories; more of them aren't on mibba because I never finish them XD
Slash. Boys. Girls. Strange creatures of the night. Not fussed really, I’ll write about anything…as long as its not hetero band members…I can do hetero…but not with bands. Meh, kill me.

Masochism really kinda interests me. Those of you that know what it is are rather recoiling in horror or laughing. Those of you that don’t probably need to look it up because whatever way I explain it it comes out wrong (I don’t advise Google though because you might not want it on your computer history). Not just the like intimate side of it but the emotion need for it, the day to day stuff not just the fetish. Though we all need a bit of kink in our lives.

Read my story “Surrender Is Sweet” to follow me on my quest of interest. Not really for the light-hearted or horrid objectors to KINKY SEX. Yes…SEX!!

I love The Blackout in very way shape and form, if I'm not talking about them I'm thinking about them and if I'm not doing either I'm think of Lostprophets because they are amazing too. Their music is inspiring and I love every word their songs. They are awesome guys that I would do anything for. I've gone 2100 miles for them and I'd go A LOT further, if I had the money. Every member means something to me and are special in their own funny, twisted and overwhelmingly sweet way.


30 Seconds To Mars, Aiden, AFI, The Blackout, Cobra Starship, Escape The Fate, Green Day, Glassjaw, Kids In Glass Houses, Lostprophets, Limp Bizkit, Mindless Self Indulgence, My Chemical Romance], Madina Lake, Paramore, Panic(!) At The Disco, Three Days Grace, The Used You Me At Six. There are more but I wanted to make my profile shorter.

Below are some videos of the Leto brothers. They made me laugh. Both to the same song. Shannon is first then Jared is the one after that. Enjoy Smile

Current Obsessions: The Blackout (and all members), Lostprophets (and all members), 30 Seconds To Mars
(and all members), Milo Ventimiglia, youtube, writing, drawing, mibba, MSN, MySpace, saving pictures from the Internet and iTunes <3 <3

My MSN is:
My MySpace is:
My DeviantART profile:
Also if you've got MySpace and like The Blackout and Lostprophets add this/my fanpage:

My profile I long, I know. I like to talk though Smile


  • lil-miss-apocalypse

    you have an awesom name by the way.
    go the people from England
    no joke

    lil-miss-apocalypse, September 22nd, 2007 at 05:06:38pm

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