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Plastic Heartbreak

Plastic Heartbreak
Think cheese XD

Member since February 5th, 2009



Eevee Eve <3

About Me <3
Hi! My name's Eve, but you can call me Eevee.
I'm 13 years of age, and I live in Ireland.
It rains a lot there, but I love the rain. Yes, really. 0.o
People say I look like Hayley Williams from Paramore. HA. I think they're liars. =P
I'm in 1st Year/Year9/7th Grade in my school. I <3 it! ^^
My favourite subjects are Science and Technical Drawing.
Music is my o x y g e n. So I bet you can guess what would happen to me without it, yes?
My favourite genres would be metal, emo, rock, ska, and reggae.
I straighten my hair almost every day... Bless GHD ^^
I hate being labelled, I'm just my own person... I love skinny jeans, Converse, [especially drawing on them XD] and eyeliner. =]
I have YouTube, MSN, Sims 2 and Polyvore. PT me for usernames.
I love anime and manga. My favourites would be Vampire Knight, Death Note, .HACK and Yaoi.


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