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Member since March 12th, 2014



Hello all those whom never fit in those clicks and never made it out alive I am here and alive cause five men, whom took my pain and suffering and showed me a reason to keep believing. I am a huge mcr fan, I have all the albums, jackets from prom knight, to revenge vest frank iero wore, to parade jacket to having other great memories and such .

My best friend committed suicide and gave me her fave album three cheers for that moment my life changed forever from dealing with my own personal issues of depression, guilt, shame, ugliness. I was saved by Gerard way personal in 2009 when he gave a promise to keep alive and my life has been full of happy thoughts.

23 almost 24, a cosplayer, a dreamer, a kid of gave them hell, a boy and not a hero, a lover with bullets and love. I am living and breathing proof that a band can save lives and change worlds. I have Facebook account base on my mcr cosplay, deviant account, and me and my girlfriend, are completely down to the last button on the jacket in making my chemical romance fans still alive and keep running, ect.
please tell me what u think Smile


  • prettyprecy

    Hello from Gladys.( ) I was very impressed to your profile and i feel to have a good friendship with you, my name is Gladys, i hope you are doing good, i like making new friends so feel free to contact me mail at( so that i can send you a picture and tell you more about me here

    prettyprecy, April 28th, 2014 at 04:08:44am

  • mychemical19

    thank you for the comment, yes i agree mcr is alive cause we are not afraid to stand alone and fight

    mychemical19, April 21st, 2014 at 01:30:20am

  • Sinful Rose

    Hey Korey. Its great to know people like you are out there. My Chemical Romance needs fans that still believe in everything the band stands for. Fans like you and I are the only thing that's going to make My Chemical Romance keep on living, and create a knew generation of die-hard fans.

    Sinful Rose, March 14th, 2014 at 08:27:16pm

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