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kings of leon.
Always Born a Crime
kings of leon.
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February 1st, 2008 at 12:53pm
Okay, so here's your first prompt:


And our first contest is dedicated to Ros, cause we all miss her on here, think shes properly brilliant and a little birdy [Jane XD] told me it's her birthday on the 7th.
So Happy Birthday Ros! we love you <3


1. Anything you like can be interpreted from this, just as long as you can link it back in some way to the prompt.
2. No plagiarism. This must be an original piece written for the contest.
3. Don't show anyone else your poems, they should be completely your own creation.

Apart from that, have fun and good luck : )
kings of leon.
Always Born a Crime
kings of leon.
Age: 32
Gender: Female
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February 8th, 2008 at 04:17am
Okay, so here's the first entries : )


I can say I am;
but I'm not.

I'm not any more special today
than I was yesterday

But it's alright
we can pretend once again that I am

just like we pretend you're here
when you're not

so happy birthday to me
it's almost perfect

it's missing the happy.



A blond in pink
A symbol of pure innocence
Food and deliciousness surrounding her
On the day she turns a year older

A brunette in purple
Looking confused and worried
Wonders of taste all around her
But her mind is somewhere else

Children gathered for a celebration
Brought together by an invitation

Their young lives are filled with happiness
They know of nothing else

And I can't help but freight
For their young lives and the horror they may have met

As for now, they are just children having fun
There is no mischief their innocence could of done.



Small birdlike hands; pale,
fluttering delicately as excitement contents.
Bright confetti lashes she blinks,
wide eyes reflecting the color she see`s,
laughter, hugs and kisses, all for her?.
Paper hat too large for her head,
princess for the day.
Feet crossing underneathe the table in anticipation.

Small shoulders thinly clad,
brush up against hers and she turns to grin.
Lights dim and excitement skirts up her spine,
little hands gripping the edge of the table.
Voices become hushed and she knows,
she knows that this is her moment. her`s.
Off key melodies cause her to choke back giggles,
and she closes her eyes and sucks in her breath.

Thin wispers of smoke trail up,
vapors of her wish left in the wake.
The sigh was exhaled as the onlookers clapped,
ivory cheeks pinkened with happiness.
She leaned forward; a wisp of hair covered in icing,
"dig in, kids" was the voice behind her.
Chaos ensued as screams became high pitched,
fingers and palms and wrists dug into the cake,
sighs and looks exchanged over their heads.
Looking up she smiled that toothless smile,
can`t take away the moment.



Goodbye my friends,
Goodbye my friends.
Daddy says I have to grow up.
He says I'm too old to play with you,

I'm too old to play.
I'm turning 10 tomorrow,
we're throwing a huge party.
Daddy says I should be happy,
but how can I be happy about

being old?

When being old means we can't
ride along stars no more.
We can't fight dragons, friends,
we can't be whoever we want to be.
We can't close our eyes and live in castles
or go on adventures in the hundred-acre woods.
We can't live in our dreams anymore, my friends.

Now we have to be responsible,
Daddy says. He says I'm "all grown up".
I have to make new friends, real ones
he insists.

I don't understand.

Goodbye my friends,
Goodbye my friends.
Daddy says I have to grow up.
He says I'm too old to play with you.

He says life's catching up.
When I blow out the candles on my cake

My friends, you have to leave.


Okay, so PM you votes to me, vote for only one poem, any double votes won't be counted and no trying to persuade anyone to vote for a certain entry.

Apart from that, Good Luck and the winners will be announced on Sunday : )
kings of leon.
Always Born a Crime
kings of leon.
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Posts: 6213
February 10th, 2008 at 09:50am




Congratulations everyone : )
And also, good old Jane bought it to my attention that I havn't told you which number was who's.
I know, shoddy job really. I'm being a bit half arsed. So this week, I'll just tell you here, and next week, I'll include it on the banners : )

One = kthnxbai.
Two = the sharpest lives.
Three = Mohinder Suresh.
Four = eleventh december!


And here's your prompt for this week, got a quote for you : ) Actually. More of a paragraph.

"Flat on my back, I stared straight up at the magnificent firmament, glorying in the time I was making, in how far I had come from sad Bear Mountain after all, and tingling with kicks at the thought of what lay ahead of me in Denver - whatever, whatever it would be. And Mississippi Gene began to sing a song. He sang it in a melodious, quiet voice, with a river accent, and it was simple, just 'I got a purty little girl, she's sweet six-teen, she's the purti-est thing you ever seen,' repeating it with other lines thrown in, all concerning how far he'd been and how he wished he could go back to her but he done lost her.
I said, 'Gene, that's the prettiest song.'
'It's the sweetest I know,' he said with a smile.
'I hope you get where you're going, and be happy when you do'
'I always make out and move along, one way or the other.'"

And that is from On The Road by Jack Kerouac. : )
So yeah. Go wild.
Same rules before as apply, PM me your poems before Friday and it's all good. (Y)
kings of leon.
Always Born a Crime
kings of leon.
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Posts: 6213
February 15th, 2008 at 06:36am
Here are this weeks entries then : )


Suffocating by the sweet pine scent,
thick,long fingers tapping across his jean-clad knee,
husky, warm and violently mellow, he sang.
He sang about the riverman`s lost child,
weeping tears that form to create the widow.
Come back to us?.
The night was dark and welcoming,
hidden desires raging ahead as we try to catch up,
hard crash of cymbals as he thrust his lips on me.
Lyrics fading and jumbling as the birds began to sleep,
their melodies haunted with past knowings.
We were men in the forest, camp fire shadowing our bodies,
we found the riverman`s widow that night as she sang.
Singing for us.



Maybe a cowboy,
Or a lost, lost loner,
Just a man who carries a tune.

And he sings that song,
To pass the time,
So the days fly by so soon.

The song for a lover?
Perhaps a sister,
A girl with a beauty of bloom.

Mountains and hills,
Stretching afar,
And as we move closer, they seem to loom.

He will walk away,
And go to his girl,
One of these days, I assume.

And on this day, I'll watch him leave,
Just moving along,
As he sings that simple song.



Oh, that dirt-ridden path trudged on
faster than us, my friend
In our hike we missed what we were told before -
“Don’t let the sun tell you where to go;
She might just lie a little lie,
and the cunning rays would singe your soul.”
We never believed them.

Still, I let the amber take me East, into roads
Of childless innocence.
He missed her youth, he missed beauty evolving
But shrugged it off, down the broken fence,
Down the houses we never strayed into

We took rare notice to the vestiges of
Danger that littered that dirt-ridden path, and
The river,
It whispered, intoxicated
With the burden of our worries, the
Words now unbecoming:

_______________“Don’t let the water run
Down your strength, our erosion is temporary.
And the tightening rocks would hurt you less,
They’ll cut less if you hurry.”

Still, I let the stars take me to greater plains,
Of where
He met the song that kissed his lips;
The blankets frayed over with acid and
Loneliness, the storm shying with unaccounted bliss.

“Farewell, for now,”
We shook hands under the overcast of the Viking
The rolls of waves keeping time with
one-month memories –
So the dirt-ridden path was contrived, and
Made to fairy tale what we lack,

“We had our fun, we cleared out the map somehow;
But don’t let the pride lead you back, friend,
They kill off sense with
a touch - the road may lead to nowhere.”
I looked ahead, and singular;
Where future unbeknownst to the sun, the stars, and pride
So maybe the dirt road was the best to take,
And maybe my
tracks had come from inside.



The guilt eats at you,
'Til all that's left of you, is that,
the guilt, harsh reminders of what you


behind when you got onto that bus,
when you didn't even look back to
see how the dust settled.
Or to see how her face crumpled.

Miles away from home, and isn't this
Exactly where you wanted to be?
Yet all that's left of the dream is
a carcass, blackened, burnt, ashed.
You miss her, don't you?

She misses you too.

Dear Laureen,
I miss you so much.
I'm sorry I've done wrong by you.
I wish I could see you again, but I'm
so far from home. I think the shame will
Consume me before I ever feel your warmth again.
You're the prettiest thing I know of in this
world. And like a beast, I had to steal you away.

I'm sorry Laureen.

I was out hunting today,
them dancing trees reminded me of
my last summer with you.

My Last.

I watched the poor deer bleed out,
like how this journey has bled me dry.
I'm too far from home now, Laureen.

But I'm missin' you somethin' fierce.

You miss her, don't you?

She misses you too.
But she gave up on waiting
when you gave up on dreaming.


Okay so, as before, votes in by Sunday, and Good Luck everyone : )
kings of leon.
Always Born a Crime
kings of leon.
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Posts: 6213
February 18th, 2008 at 11:53am
Okay, so here are this weeks winners, and sorry they're a little late : )




I didn't ger enough votes to place third this week but hopefully it'll get bigger : )

Anyway, here's this weeks prompt for you:



Poems in by Friday and this week, if you'd like your title included then just specify it in you PM and I'll include it for you. : )
kings of leon.
Always Born a Crime
kings of leon.
Age: 32
Gender: Female
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February 22nd, 2008 at 04:13am
Before I post this weeks entries, I just want to thank all of you guys who took part this week cause we actually have way more than 4 entries! Brilliant.

Anyway, here they are : )



Finding Forever In The Stars

Did you not realize...
realize the effect you would have on me?.
You`re hands were frozen and made my skin shudder
as you placed them angrily on my neck
as you shoved me out the door; hissing.
Hissing at me to find my way home,
alone and in the dark, lost without you here.
I stumbled on the edges of my feet,
rough edges as I crumbled to my knees.

I lay in a hollowed shell of a stupor,
my eyes competing with the night for darkness,
and I lay on my back, not feeling the fingers
of Jack Frost as he began to seep through my thin shirt.
And I...
and I forgot about you that night.
I would like to blame it on the stars,
they whispered above me and I saw the way.

The way was through you,
they were opalescent golden chrystalized tears of God,
you never seemed so ugly.
Closing my eyes, they seemed to illuminate and loom bigger,
and bigger... (they were like a second home to me).
I turned to the single tree that was a distance away
and it smiled, smiled at me, it also knew the secret,
knew the truth about you.
about forever.



before I began this streak of
idolization for you I dreamed
of dying and becoming an astronaut

because I glorified the stars
and the moon and the darkness
they shoved away with their light

but when I died I saw you
from the stars down below
you were fishing with dwarfs and elves
with leaves dancing at your feet

then I dreamed of coming back to life
and roaming the earth in search
of those sparkling brown eyes
and that pale skin like porcelain

oh! how I long to touch that
soft skin like porcelain
and have my body hugged by those
brow eyes

after I died
the stars weren't as glorious
as they used to be

after I died,
I met you.



My eyes travel,
To the sky, the endless sky,
Stretching, everlasting over humanity,
The stars; its many eyes, perceive,
The trivial mistakes and errors,
Mere mortals can make.

The silhouette trees,
Always reaching longingly,
Towards the mighty sky,
Its branches ache with envy,
Tingle with jealousy.

Undulating ceaselessly,
The sky’s ever changing canvas,
Yet you can always be sure,
The sun will rise and grace the sky,
With it’s burning majesty,
The only time the sky is over shadowed,
It steps down to let the sun take it’s thrown.

Then moon triumphs,
The day dies,
Bathing the world in silver beams,
The sky watches on, ever present, everlasting; timeless,
The only thing that is eternal,
In the fast-evolving world we race in.

Silent; ever silent sky,
Voiceless, thoughtless, yearning,
No human can know what it thinks,
Too complex for the minds of mortals,
Yet they can dream; sky hears their dreams,
Great, small, impossible,
And for once, it wishes,
That it could dream too,
The one power it doesn’t have;
The power of dreams.



late at night
they seem to mock me
as they pierce the midnight sky
tauntingly advertisingly a place
i can never reach

to shoot for the moon
and fall amongst the stars
the romantic imagery
aspirations' prize

but the more i stare
the more i come to realise
their dazzling allure is merely reminiscent
of what i found in your eyes

oh the stars-
how insiginificant they are
naught but a reminder
of beauty faded too fast
an inferior reflection,
fragmented memories of you.



I look up at the dark
and it frightens me
My small, narrow mind
it's too much for me
The stars fall down
in every single dream
And create explosions
inside of my being
By first glance you'd think I'm "sane"
Just think how I "smiled" today
But every single night
When I face the dead, empty sky
I truly feel insane




We always talked “pretty” when underneath the wooden
Porches that ate into our summer nights
And thwarted by views of the leaves and
tribulations –
Where the silence wasn’t golden, it was
Maple and syrup, intertwined into velvet sheets over us.
You felt that if we fell, we’d fall upwards,
So what would stop us?
That if sadness was a cure, it would cure us of
our lacking desire to walk on.
That destruction was only within confinements
Of our mediated heads (for as far was concern traveled,
“We’re indestructible.”)

But your hand always crawled
Back to the safety of mine;

And I always squeezed assurance.

The stars fixed their eyes, placid woven into their systems.
You were always scared to say the words you thought
Were far too melodramatic for stargazing lullabies.
They’re hiding, or as you’d speak wise
and nervous,
Hiding behind self-identity, and hiding from
The stereotypes we shove them under;
Hiding the belligerence they usually

We always talked pretty, but tonight was sole
For its in-born ugliness. So you cried,
And you wished that you could say the words of entrapment.
The stars grew less docile, and sobbing metaphors grew still,
I spoke – wise and
Stop hiding, and you are sheltering from trust, and
You are hiding from our forging bond.

It never helped the flames, hardly cleaned at
The wounds that matter most to us. We pick at our
Shallow cuts, but their inked siblings relate and
Stay wrought with dreams, and bleed inside.

So stop hiding.
We’re indestructible, remember?
We can always talk “pretty” another night.



We were told that we were nothing but insignificant.
They were wrong.
We tried to be what they told us. Unnoticed. Invisible.
We tried to be strong.

But somehow they grabbed a hold of our pure love.
Clawing into it unmercifully.
Tainting its innocence as if it was wrong.
Making it another bloody casualty.

But we refused to give, to let go of our affection.
Holding on with all our hope.
But they did not let us rest, not one step of the way.
As we battled up an everlasting slope.

We changed from being a speck of dust in reality.
Suddenly we became a target.
Threats were launched at us until we could not take it.
We dispersed and disappeared, became a silhouette.

Have you forgotten me yet my love?
Have the memories faded?
Have you gone and hidden as I have?
To a safe place have you fled?

Because I have not forgotten what we had.
Nor do I want to.
Because I have never felt the way I had again.
And those feelings I want to renew.

I sit down and look up at the stars at nights.
Maybe your looking at the same ones, I pray.
I don’t care what the others think.
I still love you, even if we are



Your smiles never reach your eyes
What burnt the sun out?
What killed
________The stars in your eyes.

You see,
______You never understood.
You never got it.
You were the brightest star I ever laid eyes on.
But then the light faded,
and you disappeared along with it.

____into darkness.

When night descends,
Millions of scattered faces
Look up at the stars, twinkling
like teardrops on the face
of the lonely, nightsky.
So far, far away.
Yet they place their hopes
and wonders on them.

Stars, are magic.
Light-years away from us
Hanging in the sky,
like we hang on-
to our dreams.
They are long dead,
(the stars I mean)
Yet immortal is their light.

And when a star falls,
millions of hearts gather
(like worshippers of a fallen hero)
and light
Light up with glee.

"Close your eyes, make a wish."

Yet when the brightest star I knew
All my hopes were shot through
(like a shooting star piercing
The dark night.)
When the brightest star I knew
I knew my wish
Would never come true.

Do you remember when we looked at the nightsky
and wished on the stars?
I asked you what you wished for.


_______________"Me too."

I stared at the brightest star I knew,
and wished.
_______________"You. You. You. My happiness is You."



Starless Night

Something so scarcely seen,
Can be so peaceful and serene.
Taken for granted due to sight,
When a star is what gives us light.

It’s a star that helps us thrive,
It’s this star that keeps us alive.
Yet the pollution goes on,
Soon we might have to say so long.

Metaphors in songs and fiction,
Is that where you find a star’s restriction?
Scribbles on notebooks and paintings,
Is that where a star will have it’s endings?

You can buy a star’s name,
You can label a star as fame.
But what will you do to keep it in sight?
What can you do to keep the light?

Get your votes Pm'ed to me by Sunday,and remember, that the other thread can be used for commenting on the poems, concrit, what you liked, which ones you thought interpretted the quote orginally, whatever your thoughts are on them : )
kings of leon.
Always Born a Crime
kings of leon.
Age: 32
Gender: Female
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February 24th, 2008 at 03:15pm
So heres this weeks winners : )
No thirds again but lots of joint 1st and 2nds : )






Congratulations everyone : )


Right, this weeks prompt:


Rock n Roll kids. (Y)

Also, sorry the image and that looks all shoddy, I didn't have alot of time. : )

Poems in by Friday.
kings of leon.
Always Born a Crime
kings of leon.
Age: 32
Gender: Female
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February 29th, 2008 at 04:57am


Magic Man

Legs splayed crookedly on the wet pavement,
cigarette butts and shards of alchohol glitter in the light,
they look so pretty lying next to your ripped tights
(but you always look so pretty).
Eyes half closed like the rising moon,
head turned to the right, too heavy to hold upright.
He was there again (like he seemed to appear out of nowhere).
His breath smells of hour old whiskey
and his hands are thick, rough, calloused, on you.



Wasted Away

Like an empty body bag,
You lay against the wall and sag.
Another night, another drag,
Another day for you to waste away.

You're too weak to cry and plead,
You yearn for freedom - it's all you need.
Another night your mascara bleeds,
Another day for you to waste away.

You smell like cheap champagne.
An aroma they can't burn away.
Picking scabs and watching them bleed.
Your clothes are ripped and torn, my baby.

May the Lord stay with you, child.
For your blood is running wild.

Like a full body bag,
I watch your body sag.
Another night, another drag.
The day you wasted away.



The stars look down through my barred window
As I sit, cowering in my cell
Watching you reach through the bars
In places that you should not dwell.

Why do you sit here and try to help me?
When you know that I am lost
But I do not try and stop your pursuit
For what you lose is at your own cost.

I let the tears run down my broken face
As I watch you reach and plead
But I cannot bring to myself answer your cries
As the various wounds continue to bleed

After an eternity of begging you finally stop
And rest against the cool bars
I sit silently and try to figure out what you’re going to do
Almost therapeutically I caress my scars

I do not wish for you to understand
Nor to help my pathetic state
I cannot ask that much of you
But what I want is you to relate

I’ve kept myself in this small cell
To help isolate the pain
But all I need to know from you
Is tell me, am I still sane?


Votes in by Sunday please.
kings of leon.
Always Born a Crime
kings of leon.
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March 3rd, 2008 at 11:29am
Hi : )
I only got enough votes to place 1st this week, so here it is:



And here's the prompt for next week:


[btw, the bit about France is irrelavent really, unless you wanna write about France then go for it wild]

Poems in by Friday please : )
kings of leon.
Always Born a Crime
kings of leon.
Age: 32
Gender: Female
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March 7th, 2008 at 05:51am


The flags were raised high,
Troops marched to war.
Generals let out war cries,
A soldier took his last breath.

The news home was grave,
As a letter in the post arrived.
Tears were spilled,
And a distraught lover joined her partner.

The peace in a family was shattered,
As if the world had ended.
One member murdered,
Another chose to leave.




Quietly turning the page,
the air stiff and teasing my hair,
golden lights illuminating my eyes,
I reached for your hand.

and you were gone.

(What followed next was chaos displayed)

Air raid sirens shrieked a warning loud,
goosebumps rose up my flesh and I screamed.
for you.

Plane engines raped the sky with sound,
fire fell to the earth and my body slammed to the ground.
Choking on smoke and blind with fear and running bodies.

Bullets splayed around me like ballerinas dancing,
and I ducked my head and wish to die (if only you were by my side)

and then.
and then.

You were there.

Laughing, crying, kissing,
you scooped me up in your arms, whispering,




You’d think somebody would listen to our pleas.
But we are forcefully shoved to our knees.
You’d think the government would protect their citizens.
Yet they slaughter us by the dozen.
You’d think that in our situation somebody would aid us.
But our cries for help are brutally suppressed.
You’d think that we would be able to say with certainty that we would see another day.
Yet that hope is slowly dying everyday.
But we stick together and look forward to freedom.
Although these attacks, we know, are not random.
We breath, we eat, we drink and we try to survive.
With a flaming passion we fight for our right to live.
We will not rest until our justice is served.
Yet we are punished as if we had misbehaved.
Cruelly we are forcefully shoved to our knees.
But no-one seems to hear us. We need help.


Votes in by sunday please : )
kings of leon.
Always Born a Crime
kings of leon.
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March 10th, 2008 at 12:17pm
Only one winner again this week:


Congratulations : )


Here's your prompt for this week:


Entries in by Friday : )
kings of leon.
Always Born a Crime
kings of leon.
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March 23rd, 2008 at 12:37pm
Okay, here's your new prompt. I also want to just say sorry to the person who sent me their entry [you know who you are XD] and really sorry you didn't get to have it included in the competition. Anyway, seeing as it's Easter today:


Religion, yay or nay?
I'm sure you've all got your views. Entries in by Friday please : )
Age: 32
Gender: Male
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March 26th, 2008 at 12:02am
I wish that i could tell you
How i really feel. You've opened up my heart
that no one else could steal
You have eyes of the color green
yu are beautiful and great and this I truely mean.
I love you so much
I can explain.
I know everyday you feel so much pain,
If someone calls you ugly
Just know i call you pretty.
If somone says your worthless
just know that in my eyes you are flawless.
If someone says your out there.
Just know that I do care.
You are my friend and always will be.
I wish i could tell you everything you mean to me.
But i can't. Maybe someday.
But right now this is all i got to say.
I love you.
And that is true.
Lovesick Melody.
Bulletproof Heart
Lovesick Melody.
Age: 84
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March 26th, 2008 at 12:29am

Please please please do not post here.
Read the rules before you post, and if you want to post a poem then make a new topic for it.
Nobody is allowed to post in here except who ever is running the poetry contest, which is Ray Lamontagne.
Please do not post in here again.

And I apologize for posting in here, I just wanted to correct the person above me.
kings of leon.
Always Born a Crime
kings of leon.
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Posts: 6213
March 28th, 2008 at 09:37am
Before I post the entries this week I'd just like to make it clear to anyone who is unfamiliar with these threads that, as Lovesick Melody said, this is NOT a place to post your poems but it used specifically for the contest. (Y)


Me>You>The Same?

I don`t understand why you would die for me,
I have my own scars
and daily, I carry my own cross to bear.

They mocked you as they mock me,
they didn`t believe in you as they don`t believe in me,
they called you names as they do me.

Are we one and the same?.

As you slowly died, you cried out "why have you forsaken me?"
just as I cried that night on the floor, the words fleeing from my mouth.

The sky parted as your last breath failed you
and a voice reached out and claimed you as his own.

I remain unclaimed.

Am I too say that you died for me or that I died for you to prove your love?
am I to claim myself as my own God?.

or maybe I just don`t realize what feeling loved is like.



The body that is covered in crimson blood moans painfully.
With only a cloth around his waist he is lifted into the wind carefully.
The silhouette of crosses gracefully dot the skyline.
While he wears a crown that is mangled and entwined.
They gawk and they stare, crying and weeping.
As the sacred man yells out forgiveness through his shallow breathing.
He looks up at the dark sky and knows what will happen.
Finally his lifeless body is all that is left as the audiences breaths soften.
There is a moment of silence as everything becomes quiet.
There is nothing after this moment, no protest or riot.
Finally the complaining man is hauled down from the cross, completely frozen.
He proceeds to approach the director...
-------------------------------------------------...for a job well done.

Votes in by Sunday please : )
kings of leon.
Always Born a Crime
kings of leon.
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March 30th, 2008 at 12:44pm
And the winner is...


Congratulations : )


And here's your next prompt:


You all must have heroes, or people you look up to, tell us about it : )

Entries in by friday (Y)
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Always Born a Crime
kings of leon.
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April 4th, 2008 at 04:47am
Heres this entries this week:


And We Called You "Superheroes"

I depended on you,
modeled my thoughts, my life
just to be like you.

Thinking that if I could just be
a tiny sliver of what you are,
I could be perfect.

and thats when the cracks began to show.

They became wider, uglier, flashing before me
and I came with a heart and left with a hole [in my chest].

Drawing my own conclusions, I contemplated.
and thats when my answer was given and wrapped so pretty.

Heroes are held in such high regards, halo of lights
but we are blind to see that they`re just as we are.


I thank you for all you have done but its time.
to move on.
Let me not follow you but forge my own path.
because I don`t want to be like you, I don`t need to be you,
I just ache to be me.



Obsession Dissection

Staring down at you where you lay
Strapped tight to the dissection table.
For your actions you now must pay.
Lets just hope your heart stays stable.

I was the paparazzi, your stalker.
Knowing every detail because to me
You are my creator and my father.
The inspiration to whom I came to be.

I loved you, I coveted you, I need you.
The hero in my dark twisted dreams.
Before I kill you know my heart is true.
It’s sad how you never knew my schemes.

I can’t have you, I tried, and I can’t keep you.
A pet is nothing but a lie, I let you escape this body.
Digging a scalpel into your chest, till you turn blue.
Blood squirting everywhere from my hero what a hobby.



Anti Hero

He was my anti-hero
someone to steal me away from the norm,
on his two-wheeled messenger
messenger of death
my anti-hero
has anti-life
and a cross by my road
to remind me of my anti-hero
and to remind me how to live
my anti-hero is still here
to be my hero for real.



Who Are My Heroes?

You know, I really don’t know who my hero is.
Who do I admire?
Who do I look up to?

I guess I can call the person I look up to
Someone who never gives up,
Someone who keeps going even if they don’t make it the first ten times,
Someone who looks forward to the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth times.

I guess I can say I admire
Someone who has the courage to face the firing squad with their eyes on the wall,
Someone who can go in there head up, chest out, and proud,
Someone who always shoots for the stars and does their best.

I look up to those who have made it.
I see them there, sitting in that chair,
And I say to myself,
“I’ll be there one day,
Even if it takes me all of my life.”

I guess I can say my hero is
Someone who has never taken an “ordinary” job,
Someone who has never let anyone say they’re not good enough,
Someone who has made it big through hard work and persistence.

I think I finally know who my hero is:
It’s someone who goes out eight times a week and plays their heart out.
It’s someone who plays in that pit, in that orchestra, in that band.
It’s someone who has worked so hard to get their name in that Playbill, in that program.

My heroes are all of the musicians out there.
They have made it through the storm.
They have made it to the end of that rainbow,
And what a sweet site lies before them.

One day,
I hope I can be a hero,
Just like them.



Place me on the pedestal you have set for me
Put me up high for all to see

Love me
-------------Hate me

Express your admiration or your disgust
Tell me I am the greatest, the original, the best

Admire me
-------------Condemn me

Scream as you see me walk casually by
Act like this is the only time you can say goodbye

Respect me
-------------Disregard me

Learn everything about me, every single detail
Try to find out about my past, but to no avail

Know me
-------------Ignore me

Turn your back when you see a flaw in my ways
Point out my misty and confused gaze

Praise me
-------------Accuse me

Don’t bother to glance my way as I grace the headlines
I had a downward spiral, and let go of my lifeline

Love Me.
-------------Love Me.
--------------------------Love Me.
---------------------------------------Love Me.
----------------------------------------------------Love Me.
-----------------------------------------------------------------Love Me.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------Love Me.

_______________Hate me.


Votes in by Sunday please and Good Luck everyone : )
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Always Born a Crime
kings of leon.
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April 7th, 2008 at 11:28am



Congratulations : )


Now for this weeks prompt:


Tell us about your own personal vices : )

Entries in by Friday please.
kings of leon.
Always Born a Crime
kings of leon.
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April 12th, 2008 at 04:20pm
Hey guys, I'm really sorry the entries are so late getting up, Ive just been a bit swamped the past few days, so I'm gonna leave this open till monday so voting will close then. Sorry guys >.<



Hate By Numbers

How do I hate myself?
let me count the ways.

Pin thin legs, beautiful face,
fear and desire churning and blacking the insides.
Door locked, water running,
head bent over, insecurities streaming from the mouth
[ it makes you feel prettier. really, it does]

If I was just as skinny as her, I could be beautiful

Jaw clenched, fingers leaving half-moon incisions,
tears building up like a wave about to hit shore,
hate. I fucking hate the way you make me feel.
tired of feeling this way. hate you.
Silver metal savior, bleed it out.

Crash [wave just hit the shore]

Its been you, it always has been.
You said you loved me but still left me
to try and live in this world alone.
Months crawled by (and under my skin)
and then.
here you are. back again.
Confusion. turmoil. what does it mean?
Do I have to cry myself to sleep again
or is it possible that you love me that way again?.

Say it. those three little words. "I want you" I need you"
"I love you"

The vice most dangerous, lethal.
killing myself slowly.



Tales In The Cigarette Smoke.

I hide in my lies.
Oh how I cherish my lies.
They protect me from the outside.
They protect me from reality.
They protect me from loneliness.
They protect me from heartbreak.
They protect me from loss.
They protect me from you.
I pretend to pity you.
But in truth?
I pity myself.

You think you know me?
You have no damn idea.


Votes in by Monday please : )
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Always Born a Crime
kings of leon.
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April 14th, 2008 at 04:10pm
Okay, belated winner:


Congrats : )


Here's your next prompt:


Sorry if you're not really into this one I dont have alot of time this week but I want you to do whatever you like with this, you could write about travel, dreams, things you want to do in life, places you wanna go, or you could just write a little bit of a story. Make what you will of it.

Entries in by Friday please.