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Butterflies and bullets song/poem

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March 12th, 2014 at 09:26am
Butterflies and bullets

Wings are ripped off my bare back
Blood drips down from the bare bones
Jetting out of my back
Flesh is ripped away from my humanity
Rip the wings off a butterfly to never fly again

Looking up at the sky with thoughts going
Leaving this earth behind with gun to the head
Butterflies and bullets
Nothing bad ever happens to me
I was beaten black and blue when I was 12
I was stabbed and kicked when I was 13
My wings were ripped off when I was 14
Now never going to fly away

In school I sat in the back of the room
Figures and voices I don’t even know
Shadows in the halls
As I was never seen
A faint cry in the locker when I was 15
A gang bullied me when I was 16
When I tried to take my life with a noose

Fell from the ceiling with a thud
As I lay on the bedroom floor looking up at the stars
I never going to fly away
Wings were ripped and torn off me

Teachers never seen me nor ask me
As I had scars of razor blades marks
Black eyes and bloody noses on my shirt collars and chest
Turned down by every girl for how I looked when I was 17 and 18 and 19
Lost all my friends to bullying when I was 19
I wore black and looked up to the sky at the stars
And wish to fly up there and stay above the ground
But my wings have been ripped off my flesh and bones

It was a cold night when I loaded a gun with one round
Placed it in my mouth as sobbed at the depression of never
Going to the sky and growing up, as I wrote a letter in my notebook
For the years of this endless pain and triages I lived
Quite in the empty house as I pulled the trigger
Laying on the floor staring at the sky and stars of night
As I never go up there
As my wings have been ripped off
Butterflies and bullets

Song written by Korey Flad
Lyrics written By Korey Flad
Search and Destroy
Search and Destroy
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April 1st, 2014 at 03:21pm
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